As we move into 2020, we are surrounded by more digital channels delivering a huge amount of content for users. With this in mind, small businesses need to stay up to date with the latest digital trends and also keep publishing consistent and quality content to keep existing customers engaged and to invite new ones.

If you are new to social media marketing or have already created social media channels for your business, then this social media tips article can help your business increase its social media presence. These 5 simple social media tips will put you or your business on the right track to great social media marketing.

1. Stand out from the crowd

Has your profile got the wow factor? The simplest things like having the correct size profile, header and cover images will make a huge difference. If your images are too small, then they will be stretched which results in the image looking blurred and unprofessional. You want your profile page images to stand out because this is the first impression stage.

You get another tip here for free. Make sure you keep your business branding the same across all your social media channels/profiles. I’ve seen businesses using different logos for different social media accounts and this inconsistency can cause confusion for your customers who could have less faith in your brand.

If you have someone who can create some graphics, then great. If not, get in touch with me (Stu) and we can talk about your branding.

2. Create unique content

Make sure you are creating unique content. Not only will it be effective to someone looking, watching, listening or reading it, but it will also have great benefits when it comes to Google search rankings. Google loves unique content! Check out a blog post I published about ‘Writing Content which Google will Like.’

Get your creative juices flowing and create content that is informative, useful and makes your audience take note of what you have to offer. Showcase your product or service and tell people why it’s so good. To stand out and resonate with people make sure you add some personal touches to your content. You could so this by adding a little introduction about you and how your business started. Call it your business story.

Another tip here is to set up a blog or news feed on your website. Not only will this be a great conversation starter with potential new customers, but will also be great for SEO.

3. It’s all about timing

Post your content at the right time. If you want people to see your content, then you need to post it when they are looking. Do some research on your target audience and find out when the most popular times of day to post are. Think about when people are checking social media accounts. Mornings before work and school, lunchtimes and that period of time before we all go to sleep.

There are some great blog posts out there about ‘when to post on social media’. I came across a very good source of information for this from the guys at Sprout Social. They provide some amazing data and results for the best timings for multiple channles, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Check out their article ‘Best Tmes To Post On Social Media.

4. It’s good to talk…

Once you’ve posted some great content on your social media channels, take some time to engage with your audience. After all, they are potential customers so if they ask you a question on your Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn or on Twitter, make sure you reply back to them as soon as possible. They might even leave a positive or negative comment so you need to thank them or try to resolve an issue. Social Media is instant so if you leave it too long to respond to a tweet, a comment or message, then you might miss out on potential business.

5. We want more…

If you can take on board the 4 social media tips above, then you are well on the way to harnessing the power of social media for business. It’s time to keep things going and give your audience more of your valuable content. Create a content calendar and make sure your followers, subscribers, and listeners are being fed the great content about your business. Keep the content consistent. 

The sky’s the limit with social media… use it correctly and your business will flourish.

If you have any questions about social media for business or for your personal accounts, then please click here to get in touch with me today.

Stu Young – @stuyoso