Google Ad Management

Do you know how powerful Google Ads can be for your business?

We want to help as many businesses flourish in their industry and by using Google Ads in the right way you can see some great returns. Whether you are a novice to Google Ads or already have campaigns in place but are not seeing the projected returns you had first expected, we can help. Social Outfit can setup and manage a Google Ad campaign or help to improve the return of your current campaigns.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the leader in Pay Per Click (PPC), a marketing channel which drives traffic to your website via adverts located throughout Google search network and partners’ networks.

Google Ads display your ads to customers who are searching for a product or service associated with your business. When setting up your Google Ad campaign you will set a bid for keywords and search phrases. Your bidding budget will determine where your ad appears on Google search pages because they will compete with similar campaigns from competitors.

5 reasons for using Google Ads:

  1. Drive more traffic to your website (sales leads)
  2. Improve brand awareness. Even if your ads are not clicked, they will still be seen in Google’s Search Network.
  3. Ad audience can be set to specific demographics and locations, so it seen by the customers looking for your business service or product
  4. Can help to boost your SEO campaigns which can lead to improved organic search rankings for your website
  5. Measure results and use data reports to help understand your customers and audience. Find out which ads converted to a phone call or form submission on your website.

Google Ad management

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